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inFamous: Second Son’s sexy screenshots

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A hands-off, eyes-on with inFamous: Second Son was my very first experience with the next generation of consoles, and it quite honestly blew me away all those months ago. It’s pretty much the game that made me want to order a PS4. And though it’s not a launch title, US media were treated to a nice hands-on with the game. Here are some sexy screens that have accompanied those previews.

I’m not sure if these are bullshots or not, but it looks pretty damned incredible. Make special note of the last picture. though protagonist Delsin’s initial powers are primarily smoke based, he’ll be able to absorb energy from Neon lights that give him a flash-like bout of super speed and the ability to climb walls as a streak of bright light.

inFamous: Second Son is coming to the PS4 in February


Last Updated: November 12, 2013

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