Interest in console gaming on the rise again

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I know, I know – PC gaming is king and anyone who chooses to play on a piece of machinery that was outdated at launch is a knucklehead. And yet, I still adore console gaming. I love being able to play on my couch, on my massive UHDTV with a controller in hand, and it seems that more young people are interested in console gaming than in previous years.

According to a new study that polled 9 400 teens across the US, 80% of them considered themselves gamers, with 73% of those either owning or intending to buy an Xbox One or PS4. That’s up 67% from last year when they ran the same study. However, the way young people use those consoles isn’t according to old-school style gaming, but is the modern trend:

However, the rising tide isn’t lifting all ships. With the new consoles’ focus on digital distribution, the popularity of used games in particular is slipping. In the latest survey, 61 percent of teen gamers said they bought pre-owned games, down from 62 percent in the spring and 63 percent a year ago. At the same time, the percentage of respondents saying that at least half of their games would be downloaded nearly doubled from 19 percent in the spring to 37 percent in the latest survey.

So while more young people are looking to join in the fun on console gaming, they tend towards downloading their games rather than buying at retail. That’s becoming pretty standard, I guess, I’m just surprised that teens are also on the downloadable bandwagon – I would have thought it would be easier to convince parents and others to buy games in actual retail outlets. Then again, I suppose it’s pretty standard practice these days to just let kids have credit card details linked to gaming accounts so that they can make their own purchases. Scary times.

This doesn’t mean that PC gaming is necessarily declining, but rather that console gaming is on the rise. People can do both, okay? It’s just interesting that no matter how often analysts say that console gaming is dying, it’s actually still alive and well and growing. I think the fact that consoles are now priced at the same general level of a new phone or other device makes people more likely to pick one up, particularly once they realize it would serve multiple purposes such as Netflix device, Blu Ray player plus, you know, gaming.

Last Updated: October 16, 2015

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