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Interview: Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge

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If you haven’t yet read our hands on write up off the Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge then go do that now, we’ll wait.

After that little hands on I was given the chance to sit down with a couple of other journalists and rabid fans and to ask the publisher a couple of questions, here are the results as far as I could tell, all questions and answers are paraphrased and are not quoted directly.

Q: A career lasts for 13 years, can we expect our players to age and their starts to start falling over the years?
A: The players will age and this will be shown by their age statistic but their attributes and abilities won’t be affected at this time.

Q: If I put together my own team with full attributes for everything what is stopping me from taking that team online and dominating, or what would stop everyone from just doing that and removing the ability factor from the game.
A: When playing online the game will rebalance teams down to an even level. You’re players will still be different and have different attributes for speed etc but the teams as a whole will be balanced to ensure it stays fair

Q: Do you have any plans for DLC in the future?
A: DLC like new rosters have been spoken about but at the time there is nothing to announce.

Q: Can we change the camera angle?
A: Yes there are 4 camera angles, 3 from behind in varying distances and 1 sideline angle.

Q: Are there any quick throws or set pieces that can be used?
A: No, this was a feature we requested but unfortunately there isn’t enough time left to add it in so No, for now.

Q: Do you have a release date yet?
A: There is no current release date but we would like to get the game out prior to the world cup starting

Q: Are we going to be forced to wait as long for the next title in the series? 
A: Absolutely not, we are aiming to become the FIFA of Rugby titles and are planning on an annual release moving forward.

Q: (Not a question but we found out anyway)
A: If you setup a player with a name that the system knows then it will be called out during games else it will use your position or number during commentating. South African names are generally well spoken.

Q: Can we setup our own online leagues?
A: At the moment this isn’t possible but it is something we are continuously improving.

And that’s the end of our little interview, if you have any questions leave them in the comments and I’ll see if we can get them answered.

Last Updated: August 1, 2011

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