Invincible Tiger: The Legend Of Han Tao

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Just yesterday I was chatting to the wife about the lack of co-op games going around at the moment.

Granted we have tons of co-op games that we can play online or split screen but I have never been a fan of split screen and I am not buying another console just to play co-op.

However out next fix has just been announced in the form of Invincible Tiger: The Legend Of Han Tao which is being billed as a old school movie styled fighter… not that I know what that means.

But what really appeals to me was the fact that it is being developed with story mode co-op and it looks like it will be a single screen co-op adventure.

There hasn’t been much announced by this game yet but I am imagining a Double Dragon styled arcade game only with better graphics and a more in depth fighting system.

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Tiger4 Tiger1 Tiger2 Tiger3

Last Updated: February 23, 2009

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