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Is EA punishing Nintendo for allowing used games?

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We posted previously that EA currently had no games in development for the Wii-U which I took as a sign that Nintendo is failing. Then we heard that EA were stopping their online pass fee which took us all by surprise.

They said at the time that they were doing this due to negative customer feedback. Which didn’t make much sense as the only people it affected were the people buying used games, people who weren’t their actual customers in the first place. But we rarely look a gift horse in the mouth so we took the good news and moved on…

Hindsight however is showing us a different view. Now that Xbox has revealed that they are not going to allow you to swap or sell your used games it makes more sense why EA is dumping the online pass. But they wouldn’t do this unilaterally because obviously everyone will simply then jump on the PlayStation bandwagon.

Which leads me to believe Sony are going to announce a similar plan with their PlayStation 4 at E3 2013.

But then gamers will need a new console to migrate to, one that allows us to swap and sell older games and the obvious choice becomes the Wii-U… but I can’t play FIFA or Battlefield on the Wii-U since EA has largely pulled support for the console.

Now I may be adding 1 and 1 and getting 3 but from where I’m sitting this looks like corporate blackmail and collusion from the gaming giants. If Sony announces a similar plan then I would want the competition board in every country on the planet to investigate how the two companies have colluded to screw the customer.

And if EA are withholding games to prop up Microsoft and Sony then they truly are more evil that we ever imagined. But there is another evil gaming monolith out there and surely Activision wouldn’t hold Call of Duty: Ghosts from the Nintendo Wii-U? Well during the recent press tour that question was put forward to them and the official response was “no comment”.

There are some retailer listings for the Wii-U version but nothing official has been confirmed yet.

So is this entire disaster a conspiracy by the main gaming players to force their ideals on the gamers and is Nintendo the only gaming company who refuses to buy into it?

Last Updated: May 23, 2013

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