Is Half-Life 3 and Dragon Age 3 returning at Gamescom?

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There are quite a few games making their debut this year at Gamescom, from sequels to all new IPs. But will we see the return of Gordon Freeman and the fantasy RPG from Bioware? The event itself, certainly thinks so.

UPDATE: Nope, it was all a mistake, as Eurogamer says that the Gamescom organisers made a mistake, listing those titles. Or did they? Yes, yes they did.

Head on over to the official Gamescom website, and you might notice that amongst all the games being teased, Half Life 3 and Dragon Age 3 are nestled away there. Of course, there’s a catch, as the document provides the following disclaimer:

Expected announcements Gamescom 2012′. *Please take note of the sources: exhibitors, media, internet forums, blogs. *no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.

Still, even taken with a pinch of salt, there is some evidence to support this, namely Game Informer revealing that they will be printing their magazine a day late, to reveal a massive Gamescom announcement, and the fact that Valve has always had a fondness for ze Chermans.

Do you think that Half-Life 3 and Dragon Age 3 will be announced at Gamescom this year?

Last Updated: August 14, 2012

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