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Is Microsoft releasing the Xbox One on Black Friday?

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Black Friday isn’t a thing anywhere but in the United States but have no doubt it’s a massive deal over there. Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving in America. Yeah it follows directly on from the day where all Americans get together to be thankful for everything they have, then proceed to rush out and buy even more stuff that they obviously need so badly.

Capitalist hypocrisy aside, Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year with the estimated earnings for last years event sitting at an incredible $59.1 billion dollars spent. According to reports 247 million shoppers descended on the retail stores last year which is mind blowing when you think that America only has 313 million people in total.

So maybe it’s a little surprising that no one has tried to release a console on this day before since you know the stores will be getting a ton of foot traffic at this time.

Well according to Amazon it looks like Microsoft is going to test this theory this year by releasing the Xbox One two days before Black Friday allowing the hard core gamers to get their consoles on the Wednesday before the hordes descend on the Friday.

And while this listing by Amazon may in fact be a mistake it has also been confirmed by an Amazon sales rep via an online chat as can be seen below.


Dualshockers have also noted that it’s not only the console with the date but also the Xbox One peripherals and launch titles.


I can see Microsoft planning a release like this so don’t be surprised if this is the official date.

Side note, it’s my wife’s birthday on the 27th so if anyone wants to send her an Xbox One to say happy birthday I’m sure she will be very happy.

Last Updated: August 30, 2013

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