Is Microsoft showing off the next Xbox on Wednesday?

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rumourToday is just full of surprises with the Steam Box appearing at Infinity Ward, Jason West deciding to leave the industry and that huge article that hasn’t appeared yet today but will do a bit later. So I guess the news that Microsoft may be showing off the Xbox for the first time this Wednesday shouldn’t really surprise us that much.

There isn’t much to go on at the moment but Microsoft had a 2014 Fiscal Year event planned for this week. These incredibly boring events are normally for finance people and selected partners so that Microsoft can showcase what their plans for the next year are.

However Kotaku columnist, superannuation posted up this agenda which shows a lot of invite only events for the Xbox.

Which isn’t that odd but what is odd is that select media have been invited to the event which apparently isn’t the norm for Microsoft.

Is this Microsoft reacting to the PlayStation 4 announcement or are we just so desperate for news that anything will do right now?

Last Updated: March 4, 2013

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