Is Samsung trolling Microsoft?

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So last week I was listening to the radio while making some dinner and this advert came on that really took me by surprise.

The radio advert started talking and asking wouldn’t it be incredible if we could transform TV in ways that have never been imagined before.

You can swipe your hand to change channels or volume, or even just speak to it using conversational English. Not to mention it has a built in PVR system and it’ll learn what you enjoy watching and will start recommending shows it thinks you’ll like.

Not only that but you can use it to Skype your friends and family with an added camera accessory and the device comes bundled with games and a multitude of entertainment applications.

It was at this point that I thought Microsoft were really on the ball with their Xbox One marketing. Weird though since we aren’t getting it this year but hey at least they are trying.

But no.. actually all of those awesome abilities are built into the new smart range of Samsung TV’s.

That’s right, 80% of the features that Microsoft boasted about with the Xbox One can be picked up today built into the actual TV itself.

I wish I could find a recording of the advert as it really did sound like Samsung had put it together to go head to head with the Xbox One.

However according to this video review all the features don’t really work as well as expected so Microsoft isn’t completely blown out of the water yet… that is unless the voice and gesture commands of Kinect 2 are as glitchy as the original Xbox 360.

But wait there’s more, take a look at this official Samsung PR video to showcase that the TV’s also come with single sign on using facial recognition, docking (snapping) of certain applications and multi tasking.

It really does leave you wondering why you wouldn’t rather buy this fancy TV and a PlayStation 4 instead of the Xbox One. Then you really do get the best of both worlds.

Last Updated: June 18, 2013

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