Is the 360 really just a waste of time?

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xbox3-conroll It appears that yet another blogger who seems to have no idea what he is talking about, has felt the urge to trash one of the major consoles publicly. He rants off saying that he has finally decided to switch to the PS3 after constant disappointments from Microsoft have left him feeling cheated. The problem is, that it’s currently one of the most popular articles sitting on N4G today, despite that fact that he doesn’t really make any decent points.

Adam Warlock posted on the Photon Torpedoes blog (a blog about comics) that’s he’s decided he’s had enough of Microsoft’s lies and deceit. His 2 main points are that firstly, the original Xbox support was pulled far too soon after the 360’s release,stating that he wasn’t ready to change yet and feels he was forced into doing so. He goes on to say that: “When Microsoft started selling the Xbox 360 in December 2005, I wasn’t going to buy it on the launch day.  I was really happy and satisfied with the original Xbox.  I figured with so many of those consoles around, there would be some quality games available for it over the next two years.”. He then goes on to congratulate Sony on their support of the PS2. One must ask why he didn’t just go buy a PS2 at this point.

His other major argument was down to the hardware issues, although he has suffered from the three red lights once, he digs up the scandal surrounding the fact that Microsoft were well aware of the defects in the 360 but went ahead with the launch anyway.

Here’s the thing though, after reading the first paragraph I’m pretty sure he has no idea what he’s talking about and seems to be stating nothing more than the facts that we all already know. Although he says that he has had issues with Microsoft since the launch of the 360, he seems to have stuck to the consoles even though he was obviously more impressed with the offerings from Sony, saying that “I’ve been the biggest Microsoft/Xbox booster for the past five years, but I’ve just let my XBox Live Gold membership lapse and I have no plans to renew it any time soon.  For the multi-platform title releases, I’ll buy them for the Playstation 3 from now on.  If a new Halo title comes out in the future, I’ll probably buy it, but I’m pretty much done with the XBox 360.”

A new Halo title? Now we all know that Halo is not all Microsoft has to offer with the Xbox 360, in the next 2 months alone there are at least 4 AAA games exclusive to Xbox 360 coming out. Yes the same can be said for the PS3 as well but I believe that all we have here is another Sony fanboy and nothing else. In fact, I believe that he has always been by Sony’s side because it just doesn’t make sense that although he has had all these issues, he has always stuck by Microsoft’s side. I think that this guy should stick to comics.

This is all just my personal opinion and to be honest I don’t mind people defending their console of choice. All I ask is that someone with half a brain takes the time to make a decent argument so that we don’t have to read tripe like this so often.

Source: Phantom torpedoes

Last Updated: September 26, 2008

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