Is The Last Guardian ever going to appear?

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When I think of games that got stuck in development limbo the abysmal Duke Nukem is the first that comes to mind, followed by the less than stellar Aliens: Colonial Marines. Others that never lived up to the heights of expectation were Max Payne and Alone in the Dark so what chance does The Last Guardian actually have?

We first heard about The Last Guardian in 2008 and then at E3 2009 we were blown away by this trailer that showcased the power of the PS3.

But it’s now 2013 and The Last Guardian is still nowhere to be seen. The latest rumours are that it will now become a PlayStation 4 launch title but even if that is true does it have any chance of living up to those early expectations.

The worst part is that if you watch that trailer you will struggle to remember why you were so excited 3 1/2 years ago as the graphics aren’t anything impressive anymore and the trailer is nothing more than a rendered story.

The problem is that it has cost so much to develop so far it has to be released to recoup some of the costs and as such I am predicting yet another dismal failure.

Last Updated: February 19, 2013

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