Is there someone smart out there who can help us?

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[Update: Anyone who had trouble with the broken decoder link can give it a bash again, it is now fully functional]

We received this message early this morning from one of our field operatives

Isop ubje ttmieps, vytpasjkuc hqqucggeoe tf klug pijfwgv rerre hkek lku’ij rvepm isi gde ejxk wfss. Fv fqrv yo jizr bsle jadj aeh ocqxrpp iekoiqmhlse gdrfzgy xa [email protected] Ja wzql si dsymvjenx dolv rwoi raz yfz mrc ns vicrytvi ffv m gsitvwl dnsjmab rr 11.10.09 sr ouij yfy mfh vvnzy.

We subsequently fired his ass for talking rubbish but the last thing he managed to say before we shot him was Freedman Arrow… which means absolutely nothing so we shot him twice.

We then stuck it through our magic online decoder ring and got absolutely nothing useful out the other side.

So in a last attempt to figure this out we are posting this up here, can you decode what the message is and follow the instructions?

PS: Vigenere is your friend, but there is an easier way

Last Updated: November 3, 2009

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