Is this the Wii-U box art template?

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[Update: Ubisoft have confirmed their box art so this is real]

Box art templates are something that most people don’t really pay any attention to but if you think about it they are some of the most important marketing components of any console as this is what is going to be shoved in everyone’s face at retail stores across the planet.

I can’t walk past anything lime green at the moment without thinking of the Xbox 360 while the PS3’s smaller jewel case is just as distinctive. The Wii decided to go with the family friendly white colour scheme which is bland but gave them the great opportunity of releasing the limited edition red Mario Bros one that stood out incredibly well in store.

So what about the Wii-U, are they going to go family friendly with the white or aim to stand out?

According to Kotaku these two covers were found on Amazon somewhere and showcase a distinctive blue and yellow design. Granted we can’t see what the actual box will look like but I can imagine it being either blue or yellow and standing out quite well in store.

What do you think? Does that branding make you think hardcore gaming or family fun?

And more importantly which console has your favourite box layout? I personally despise the DS ones and prefer the Wii and Xbox ones as they are the standard DVD size.

Last Updated: August 7, 2012

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