Is this the worst movie game ever made?

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Okay that headline is overly harsh as there are far worse games out there but this one is from one of my favourite publishers, Ubisoft, and is for one of the most simplistic movies ever made, The Expendables 2, but just look at it.. it’s awful

Now it starts off brilliantly with the real actors from the movie and some awesome scripted scenes and then it flashes into the absolute dogs breakfast that the real game will be.

It’s blocky, ugly garbage that doesn’t seem to be able to figure out whether it’s a FPS, 4 player hack and slash a bad cut scene mashup like MGS.

Honestly the 4 player part looks like it might be fun and this game may turn out to be okay but right now it looks incredibly useless.

Hey but at least it’s coming to the PSN first, I wonder if Sony actually paid for this exclusivity?

Last Updated: July 11, 2012

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