Is Ubisoft lining Watch Dogs up to fail?

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We here at Lazygamer are seriously excited about the upcoming Watch Dogs from Ubisoft. Everything we’ve seen so far has looked incredible and this is easily one of the most anticipated titles on the horizon… but it could be doomed before it starts.

According to an Ubisoft investor meeting that took place yesterday the sales target for Watch Dogs is over 6.2 million units. That’s a mammoth target that they may well reach across 4 platforms but what we don’t know is whether that target includes the expected profit that Ubisoft would like or if this is a break even point.

According to a post on Neogaf

“What is true is that three months ago when we announced our results, we were kind of referencing that we, in our plan, we had built up Watch Dogs with expectation slightly below what Assassin’s Creed 1 did when it was first released–and it was 6.2 million,” a Ubisoft director said. “So after E3, what we said today was that we do feel that we can expect…slightly above the 6.2 million that Assassin’s Creed did.”

It’s a massive weight on the shoulders of the title and the developers and while I truly truly hope it breaks that mark I am worried that we are on the edge of yet another IP that is doomed to fail, purely because of over-zealous targets.

Last Updated: July 19, 2013

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