Is Ubisoft lining Watch Dogs up to fail?

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We here at Lazygamer are seriously excited about the upcoming Watch Dogs from Ubisoft. Everything we’ve seen so far has looked incredible and this is easily one of the most anticipated titles on the horizon… but it could be doomed before it starts.

According to an Ubisoft investor meeting that took place yesterday the sales target for Watch Dogs is over 6.2 million units. That’s a mammoth target that they may well reach across 4 platforms but what we don’t know is whether that target includes the expected profit that Ubisoft would like or if this is a break even point.

According to a post on Neogaf

“What is true is that three months ago when we announced our results, we were kind of referencing that we, in our plan, we had built up Watch Dogs with expectation slightly below what Assassin’s Creed 1 did when it was first released–and it was 6.2 million,” a Ubisoft director said. “So after E3, what we said today was that we do feel that we can expect…slightly above the 6.2 million that Assassin’s Creed did.”

It’s a massive weight on the shoulders of the title and the developers and while I truly truly hope it breaks that mark I am worried that we are on the edge of yet another IP that is doomed to fail, purely because of over-zealous targets.

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Last Updated: July 19, 2013

Gavin Mannion

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  • Charles Du Plessis

    Well i hope they make it. It’s nice to see quality games and not just something that is slapped together quick to make a buck.

  • RiDiquelous

    Well, they do have the added benefit of the game being released with/close to next gen consoles. Everyone wants a game to show off… to justify their next gen purchase.

  • Umar Kiiroi Senk?

    Ass creed sold just over 5 million to date…….

  • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

    Urm, bit of an over-extension there? That target is way too

  • Skyblue

    Targets are necessary in every business whether for video games or cereal. They are necessary for forecasting cash flow, profit and investor interest and are therefore vital for any business no matter the size.
    6.2 Million is a rather large expectation for a new IP in a cooler marketplace than when AC1 was released though,

  • Admiral Chief Groot Wors

    Watching watch dogs?


  • RinceWind

    yeah, like Tomb Raider, a ‘failure’, man these okies irritate me. I get spending money on development, but there has to be some form of ‘clever’ development. If this carries on it will sink the industry.

    • Trevor Davies

      Agreed. I think they’re spending too much money on things besides development as well.

      • RinceWind

        I mean really hey? It is an amazing game, really. But because they expect 5 mil sales it’s a disappointment? Man that pisses me off.

  • Mark Treloar

    They also release at a time when they have competition from a lot of other titles released for the holiday season as well as 2 new consoles.

    • kahn

      Other than the nintendo titles, this is the best AAA game coming this holiday, so it has a good chance of making 6 million

      • Mark Treloar

        Yeah, but it still has to stack up against COD which sells for no good reason whatsoever. BF4 which is going to grab some of the attention, not to mention those who don’t yet own a copy of GTA V.

        • kahn

          Forgot about gta5 and BF4. Hopefully the competition wont hurt watch dogs, but stupid ass cod. I want that game to tank so bad

          • Franco

            what the fuck are you talking about? just uk and usa sold over 6 million copies of gta 5, JUST PRE ORDERS,

  • Jonah Cash

    Well they have 1 of those 6.2m with me, cause this is the game that will get me to buy a next gen console!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This goal is high, but achievable they are multi-platforming this to All console but the original Wii. thats a lot of areas for market. i’d suspect ps3 and the 360 to get the most and next-gen not far behind the Wii-U, Meh. Maybe just maybe slightly below 1M. oh and pc. i dont know the graphics card required but it has to be a top dollar one considering how kickass the graphics are. so pc gamers pray for good optimization. as for me i got my preorder down on the ps4 battlefield 4 bundle and i have watch dogs pre oredered for the ps4 will get both on release day. hope they reach their goal

  • Lee Avraam

    troll article

  • Maximilian

    They said their original target was 4 million and they upped it after seeing the E3 reaction. So no, this isn’t the break-even point. If you’re going to have a gaming news you have to be at least somewhat capable of reading.

  • kahn

    Well im sure as hell buying it

  • Alicia Browder

    I hope this does not fail. It looks interesting to me though. -

  • dawg

    THis game is gonna fail! They advertised every single feature of this game, making us expect more,

  • Christopher Carlsen

    Yea it fails.

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