Is XBLA failing the indie developers?

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When we first heard about Xbox Live Arcade it was touted as being the next best thing for indie developers or even part time guys working in their basement.

However that hasn’t been the case as the amount of indie games hitting the Arcade has been few and far between, so why is that?

Well according to Daniel Jones, MD of Binary Tweed, the problem is that the cost of getting a game through the notorious certification process is just out of reach for virtually all small development houses. So you need a major publisher to back you but before that can happen you need to sell your game. Which is an entirely different animal altogether.

But to Microsoft’s credit they have realised this flaw and have created the community game section in the marketplace where good indie developers can upload their games and fight for a place against all the crap that is there.

That is the problem you see, we can’t have everything and we either have to sift through tons of garbage looking for our jewel or just pick and choose from the cream of the crop in the Arcade.

Maybe what Microsoft need to do is to create a ranking system in the community section and then the big publishers can swoop in and steal the highest ranked games and promote them into the Arcade.

The one thing I would advise against is dropping the standards that need to be met with regards to the certification program, in fact I would suggest increasing the multiplayer requirements so we don’t get another Castle Crashers debacle.

Last Updated: January 30, 2009

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