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It’s a Lie! Natal Rumours Untrue, says Microsoft

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Less than a week ago we told you of the rumours surrounding Microsoft’s controllerless wagglemachine, Project Natal. A November 2010 release, 14 launch games and a sub-£50 price point- All of which is apparently a load of codswallop.

Xbox UK Honcho Neil Thompson had this to say when asked about the veracity of the claims "No. They weren’t accurate, they were rumours. I’ve got nothing more to say about it". When asked whether Microsoft had settled on any sort of pricing, he responded with “We’re still very much in the baking on Natal and there’s a lot of things to get decided on it."

Speaking at the same event, Europe head added Chris Lewis added: "Now you know better than to listen to that stuff! We will announce in good time." Trying to keep interest in the product high, he launched in to a PR spin, saying "As you can imagine, we’ve shared this technology with our worldwide development partners now for some time, and the pace with which they’re developing the kind of experiences is just amazing."

"I’m not going to be specific about what they might be, I will say however we’re committed to ensure those experiences are unique, compelling and very exciting right from the outset. That has to happen and that will happen."

There you have it. We don’t know when Natal is coming, how much it’s going to cost – or what games will be available, but apparently it’s going to be amazing.

Source : Gamesindistry.biz

Last Updated: November 18, 2009

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