It’s time for Xbox to give up on Japan

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It’s no surprise that the Xbox brand hasn’t done well in Japan and no matter how many resources Microsoft throws at the problem it appears that there is nothing they can do to make the land of the rising sun love them.

But they’ve continued to try and crack the historically lucrative market. However the latest figures coming out of Japan are surely going to make the money men start demanding that Microsoft simply remove the Xbox division from the country.

According to m-create, who track sales in Japan, in the last week of sales in the country only 100 Xbox Ones were sold.

No that’s not a typo and I’m not missing any digits, like Geoff.  They literally only sold through 100 units which isn’t anywhere near the levels that would be required to justify a distribution system.

Even the terrible Vita TV unit sold 566 units and to put it really into perspective here is the whole chart

  1. New3DS LL – 19,620
  2. Wii U – 16,413
  3. PS4 – 10,822
  4. Vita – 10,797
  5. New3DS – 4,329
  6. PS3 – 2,633
  7. 3DS – 943
  8. 3DS LL – 880
  9. Vita TV – 566
  10. Xbox One – 100

What’s possibly even more surprising than the Xbox One’s dismal sales figures is the fact that the cut price Xbox 360 isn’t even selling any units anymore even though it has a fantastic library and should be some sort of competition to the PS3 which is still selling 2500 units a week.

Now if only someone in Microsoft could catch a wake up and start diverting the marketing budget from Japan to emerging markets before Sony locks down every single one of them while Microsoft is chasing the dragon.

Last Updated: June 23, 2015

Gavin Mannion

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