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I’ve got some mad love for this Harley Quinn collectible

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Everyone knows that I’m a huge Batman fan. And a Ghostbusters fan. And for some reason, I happen to be a member of the Young Women’s Communist League according to this tattoo. Huh. Anyway, back to Batman. Out of all his villains, I really dig Harley Quinn. A great design, personality and just awesome bubbliness makes me dig her. So much so, that I want this particular figure of her, monthly expenses be damned.

Dressed in her Old 52 outfit, Harley Quinn here stands 53 cm tall, weighs in at a petite 4 kilograms and is manufactured by Sideshow collectibles. Buying her off of Sideshow also throws in one extra attachment: A switchable head where she sports a brattier facial expression.

So how much does it cost to own the deranged sidekick of the Joker? Why a cool $359.99. Or R3405. Which also happens to be the exact amount of cash that was missing from my paycheck this month. I’d ask Gavin, but he happens to be ridiculously happy for some strange reason, especially when he checks some sort of international mail tracking site…

Last Updated: May 20, 2013

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