Jack Tretton is totally opposed to blocking used game sales

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Jack Tretton

And there is more good news coming out of the Sony camp this morning with the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Jack Tretton, coming out and stating unequivocally that he is against blocking used game sales.

In fact not only does he disagree with it but he also feels that it’s anti-consumerist to do anything of the sort.

For the record, I’m totally opposed to blocking used games. I think it is great for the consumer that they can buy those. We have a customer that buys our console late in the cycle, pays less and is looking for value-priced games. I think it would be anti-consumer for us to do that.

However he does end off with a caveat stating,

I don’t know, maybe Japan will think something different but that’s my view

As you may well know Jack was recently demoted from being the CEO of the entire Sony corp and therefore doesn’t wield the power he used to but at the same time I doubt he’s now simply an empty figure head and he’d make it quite clear to Japan that America and the rest of the western world isn’t going to sit back and accept used game blocking.

Well I’d hope that we wouldn’t at least.

Last Updated: May 14, 2012

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