Jade Raymond believes we need more Kinect

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You remember Jade Raymond right? She’s the lovely lady behind some of the incredible Assassin’s Creed gameplay that took the gaming world by storm a few years back. Well Jade’s no longer our friend as she’s gone over to the dark side and is now a firm believer in Kinect for core gameplay

While talking to OXM she mentioned how she feels the controller is still a major barrier to mainstream gaming and how things like the Kinect can only help to open up the industry.

And while I agree to a certain level, for example Just Dance on the Kinect or Wii is fantastic for non-gamers, I’m yet to see any real Kinect usage in a core game and I really have no desire to.

She goes to the great winning argument about how we all want a holodeck in the future and that I can’t disagree with that but until we are even remotely close to being able to virtualise a full 360 degree world with real physics I don’t think we want any of it.

Right now if I want to sub my player or shoot someone I want a controller.

Last Updated: July 26, 2012

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