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Jaw-droppingly incredible Diablo III cinematic

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I’ll admit – at the risk of being the recipient of a hurled shoe to the face – that I’m not all that much of a Diablo fan. There’s just way, way too much clicking. How do you move? By clicking. How do you pick up that shiny new loot? Yeah, more clicking.  So how about combat, then? No prizes for guessing even more clicking. Playing Diablo makes me feel like a Parkinson’s sufferer. It’s one of the reasons, I suppose, that I’m excited for the game’s impending console version (which could lead to currently-missing gamepad support on the PC version).

As is their usual order of business, Blizzard’s trying to tempt me with their unrivalled CGI cinematics; and this newest one, revealed at Blizzcon this weekend is no different. It’s jaw-dropping stuff; Deckard Cain’s niece Leah sees a vision of a decidedly un-huggable giant demon who’ll soon, armies in tow, invade the mortal world looking for The Black Soulstone.

Diablo III, expected to finally see release this year has been delayed until next year, so unless you’ve managed to get access to the beta, it’ll be quite a wait until you get to do some clicking of your own. Nick’s been playing the beta, and you can read what he has to say of his experiences in his series of Diablo III Diaries, which you can find here. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

Less words, more watching.

Last Updated: October 24, 2011

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