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Just 2.2 million Vita's sold

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In its latest sales report, Sony’s revealed that its sold 2.2 million Vitas as of June 30 – demonstrating that sales of the handheld console have effectively ground to a halt.

At the beginning of May, says Joystiq, the firm had sold 1.8 million – making it a relatively safe assumption that the handheld’s moved just 200 000 units worldwide each month since then – which isn’t particularly encouraging for fans of Sony’s mobile effort. In the same comparative time frame, Nintendo’s 3DS (which didn’t exactly have a stellar launch itself), had sold one and a half million units more , and that’s before its reversal of fortune price cut came in to effect.

That could, however, soon change, with Sony’s incredible Vita-focused Gamescom showing – which included reveals of games like Media Molecule’s creative Tear Away and  Killzone Mercenary, with a little more of Assassin’s Creed Liberation, PlayStation All-Atars and Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified shown off.

I’d previously pegged COD as the title that could save the Vita – but after a look at the title at Gamescom (which Activision, curiously, is disavowing any knowledge of) I’m not sure the frankly mediocre title will do anything other than drive people away. Sony’s ingenious Cross buy system – where those who purchase select PS3 games will get a free redemption token for the Vita version might get people interested.

If it doesn’t, it means Sony will soon be forced to drastically cut the price, something Sony seems dead set against, though it’s rapidly becoming the only way to entice gamers to pick it up.

Last Updated: August 21, 2012

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