kalahari is having a SteelSeries sale and I have a question for you specifically, yes you reading this right now

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I bought myself a new laptop a little while back and within the first week my lovely, beautiful and clumsy wife spilled her Hunters Dry all over it destroying the keyboard. So I went out and bought the cheapest keyboard I could find and it is so loud it is driving me crazy.

So this morning I decided to go and get myself a decent one and at the same time an email arrived from kalahari informing me that they are offering 25% of SteelSeries products today. SteelSeries make some great keyboards, mouses and headsets so obviously this is a sign. Actually the only sign here is that the world hates me as they are offering all of the SteelSeries products on sale except the keyboards but if you are in the market for upgrading your headset or mouse then it’s worth a look.

SteelSeries is often voted as the best gaming gear so you know you are buying quality.

Click here to see what’s on offer

On the other hand, Darryn

In related news, this post isn’t an advertorial and is actually exactly what happened to me this morning. kalahari and SteelSeries have absolutely no idea this post is going up but I need to ask you guys and girls something that has been on my mind for a while.

We often get asked if we would be willing to post up advertorials on the site. Like they do in magazines and newspapers where the advertiser would like to tell you all about their product in the form of an article.

I’ve always said no as I don’t want to cheapen our content but one dedicated employee at an advertising firm (you know who you are!)  has been working on this idea for over a year now and now has me thinking that it isn’t selling out but rather a compliment that the advertisers really rate our readers highly and that is a much better way to moneytise than banner advertising or competitions.

So since we are a totally undemocratic site that pretends we are I thought I’d ask your opinion.

If we started posting advertorials (maximum 3 per month) which are carefully selected for you and clearly defined as such on the front page and in single article view would you see that as a terrible sell-out or an acceptable form of advertising?

As an example kalahari or TakeALot would ask us to post up an article about their sale with links and certain keywords. Currently we never post about sales that we don’t find really interesting ourselves and we would continue posting those, but sometimes we would post about sales we don’t really care about and mark that as an advertorial.

Or companies like Heineken or Red Bull would ask us to post about their latest product and if we feel it could be of interest to you we then would do it. Absolutely nothing has been decided yet and we are still very much in half minds about how to proceed.. so please do give us feedback and if you can show us examples of how it’s cool to do and where someone has done it terribly that would really really help.

Last Updated: July 10, 2013

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