Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Release Date Announcement Close

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IO Interactive have put the word out that they will be releasing the final release date for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days soon. Along with the news that we will learn exactly when we get to dive back into the twisted depths of the characters, IO have also teased at the prospect of learning “something new” about the upcoming sequel to Kane & Lynch. So there could be an information overload for the fans out there.

Lynch’s paranoid schizophrenia is set to return along with an altered style, the developers have opted for one of the most contemporary forms of visual representation for a video game to date, YouTube. This documentary style of perceiving the actions of the characters is looking to change the face of the game altogether.

“It really captures this feeling of credibility,” said IO’s Carsten Lund.  “I think that if you want to make something credible, it’s not enough to turn up the texture resolution.”

In an interview with IncGamers Lund mentioned some of the areas they set out to enhance; the cover system, the aiming, the AI, the fact that the art was a little bit dated and the fact that they didn’t have online co-op. Dog Days is set to also include level by level, drop-in and drop-out co-op play, destructible environments and a fluid system that allows for seamless movement from cover to cover.

IO are comparing the games intensity to Cloverfield or  a Michael Mann film . Here is what Carsten had to say about the story.

“I don’t want to give too much of it away yet, but the set up in general is that Lynch is living with [his] girlfriend in Shanghai. He’s living the good life, and he’s a little bit chubby. He’s working as a henchman for a guy called Mr. Glazer, who’s like a boss of all these ex-pat criminals who couldn’t hack it in Europe and are trying to be big stars in Shanghai. They’re white, they’re tall, and they’re nasty-looking – so they’re doing good, right? And all of a sudden they land themselves a deal that is way over their heads. It’s an arms deal, they’re going to ship some guns, and they don’t know anything about it. So Lynch gets this brilliant idea of calling in Kane because he’s an ex-mercenary and he’s done this many, many times, and of course he should never have done that, because whenever these two guys meet up it’s an explosive cocktail. What seems to be a very simple job that just needs to be taken care of gets totally out of hand and has them chased all over Shanghai by everybody – the police, the crooks, everything. They just need to figure out how to get out of this mess.”

The game is coming to us across all major platforms, make sure to stay tuned for the update once the news goes public.

Source:  IncGamers

Last Updated: March 17, 2010

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