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Killzone 2 Sniping Video

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I have made no secret of my thoughts about Killzone 2 but I am more than happy to admit that everytime I see a new leaked video of this game I am even more impressed.

What I like about these video’s is the fact that we know the marketers haven’t been ‘fixing’ them and they give us a real indication of what to expect from the game.

This video shows us someone who is seriously attached to his Sniper and from watching this two things come to mind.

1. It looks incredible

2. It looks ready… nearly

You can still see one or two (very) minor issues that I am sure will be cleared out before the game is released in Q1 next year.

The maps look huge and it looks like they have nailed down the speed of the game perfectly, I really hope I am going to be proved wrong about Killzone 2.

Last Updated: October 27, 2008

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