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Killzone: Shadow Fall is jaw dropping beautiful

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If you know what I mean... TODD 5

We all expected Killzone to once again bring the eye candy as it has always been a leader in the graphical race for first person shooters. But the latest videos for Killzone: Shadow Fall have absolutely blown me away.

First up we have the launch trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Which not only showcases the incredible graphics but also gives us some nice insight into how the game and story are going to be playing out.

But then they have also released a video showcasing how the engine is able to render all of these amazing graphics in-game and the amount of work that has gone into this engine and game really starts to become apparent.

I mean dust is being dynamically applied, how cool is that?

But these are official videos which we all know can’t always be trusted, I mean what will it actually, really look like on release? Well thanks to RajmanHDGaming here is 12 minutes in game footage.

If this is what we can really start expecting from the next generation then I am ready to board the hype train.

Last Updated: November 13, 2013

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