Kinect and Move Local Pricing Comparison [Updated]

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It’s almost time for the HD motion-controller “revolution.” Both the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 will be getting their waggle on soon. The Playstation 3 will be receiving the decidedly Wii-like Playstation Move next month, while the Xbox 360 will receive full-body controllerless motion control via Kinect in November.

If the new wave of waggle has your interest piqued, take a look after the jump for a few local retailer comparisons – so you can see which one will get you game for the least.

Kinect Move Bundle Move Wand Sub-controller
BT Games R 1,799.00 R 615.00 R 389.00 R 305.00 R 1,869.00 R 598.95 R 379.95 R 293.95
Take 2 Price TBC R 614.00 R 389.00 R 301.00
Zaps R 1,891.00 R 598.00 R 378.00 R 287.00

Looks like will be cheapest for Sony’s motion controller, with BT Games supplying Microsoft’s Kinect at the most wallet-friendly price. the only caveat with BT’s Kinect pricing is they specify it’s for in-store collection only – so if you factor in delivery Kalahari once again comes up trumps; they offer free delivery on orders totalling over R385.

Kinect will allow for 2-player multiplayer gaming out of the box, with no additional accessories or peripherals required. It’ll also ship with Kinect Adventures Packed in – so no immediate game purchases are necessary.

For multiplayer Move action you’d probably want the Move bundle, and extra wand – and possibly two sub-controllers, although those are optional. With that in mind, you’re looking at a total of R 978.90 from Kalahari without extra sub-cons, or R1566.80 with two. If you already have the PS Eye, your cost for a two player Move setup will be R759.90, or R1347.80 with two sub-cons. Remember, Move ships without any games – although the bundle does include a demo disc – so you’ll probably want to pick up a game or two.

Kalahari once again seems to be cheapest there, with Move and Kinect games hovering around the R330 margin.

Please note that these are all online pre-order prices, and are subject to change. Pricing and information correct at time of publication.


Zaps has come to the party in a big, big way – dropping their prices considerably. They’re now the cheapest place to get PlayStation move peripherals.

This is not a paid-for advertisement in any way. thanks to RSA-Ace for most of the information.

Last Updated: August 20, 2010

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