Community News: Kinect Hacks – Some More Awesome Stuffs

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Greetings fellow nerds and gurus.

I’ve come across a gem of a web site that will further branch out on the ongoing topic that is Video Capture with Kinect we’ve been amazed by the past few weeks.

We’ve seen some awe inspiring work from Mr. Oliver Kreylos, but did you guys know there’s a ton of other people also playing with the Kinect? No, well check out these videos, and once you’re done, mosey on over to for even more wholesome goodness from the friends over at the Kinect Hacks Factory.


Hollow Man (Or Halo Camoflage in real life)

Controlling Google Maps with Kinect

Banana Slap Game
(Geoff this is not what you think ok?)

Last Updated: December 21, 2010

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