Kinect to enable military hand signals in Rainbow Six?

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Nick posted a link to a story yesterday in his ION round up about the Kinect using less than 1% of the CPU power of the Xbox 360 for it’s calculations which was interesting but what I found more interesting through that link was something that the Ubisoft Kinect guru, Frederic Blais, had to say.

The biggest complaint from hardcore gamers about Kinect is that it doesn’t cater for them in any way at the moment but according to Frederic it’s not that it can’t they are just trying to find the best way of including Kinect abilities in hardcore titles that will improve the gameplay and not detract from it.

The one option is to allow the player to use military styled hand signals in the next Rainbow Six which to me sounds like an awesome way to make the game more immersive.

Other ideas that I may have mentioned before or have heard are

  1. Raising your hands in Gears of War to perform melee kills
  2. Pushing your controller forward to stab in Call of Duty
  3. Head tracking in any racing game (I hate this idea but it exists)
  4. Shake controller to reload
  5. Extra turning if you lean in a racing game
  6. Gang signals in GTA to get into special areas

Any other awesome ones you can think of?

Last Updated: August 4, 2010

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