Konami IDs to Be Scrapped; PES 10 to be ID Free

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Any of you who tried to play Metal Gear Online would know that “Konami ID’s” are the most ill conceived online console gaming authentication method since Nintendo’s Friends Codes. Not only would you have to create a Konami account, you’d also have to input a game-specific ID to play online; All of this despite the fact that your console already has a unique ID.

Thankfully Konami have come to their senses, and revealed that future Konami games won’t employ the silly system. Pro Evolution 10, the most beautiful digital version of the beautiful game will be the first title to do away with the IDs; the only credentials necessary will be your Xbox Live Gamertag or PSN ID, with the servers maintained by Microsoft and Sony respectively. Hopefully this means online play won’t be marred by the same issues that plagued the previous iteration.

If Konami manage to stuff PES 10 up somehow, I think even enthusiast favour will have swung so far in Fifa’s direction they’ll have to rename the game to Losing 11.

Source : vg247

Last Updated: July 7, 2009

Geoffrey Tim

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