Konami is now allowed to make skill-based gambling machines

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Gambling! It’s not just a way of life, it’s a f***ing adventure! Into bankruptcy, not knowing when to quit when you’re ahead and instant buyers remorse. Believe me guys, I’ve been there, and I’ve stupidly fallen for the lure of loud noises and bright lights every single freakin’ time I visited a casino. So what’s gambling got to do with gaming? Plenty, when you realise that Konami is busy celebrating a massive win for a gamble of their own.

With Konami getting out of the gaming business, and headed towards warmer climates, you can expect an increase in their gambling properties. Properties that’ll be more profitable thanks to a new law that was passed in the USA state of Nevada this week, AKA the capital of sin and one-armed bandits. According to the new law, skill-based gambling machines will now be considered legal, with players able to go for broke by gambling on skill instead of chance. According to Game Informer, the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers, which has Konami’s gambling division president as the head of that organisation, lobbied hard for the bill to be approved.

And they came out triple-7s for a win, because that’s how politics works in America. An AGEM statement explained that the skill-based payouts could incorporate standard video game features such as shooting, driving and sports and maybe even other genres.  Not only is Konami now able to design a slot machine based on licensed properties such as Metal Gear Solid and Pro Evolution Soccer, but they can squeeze a few extra coins out of you with potential mini-games. It’s the kind of gameplay that video game publishers get erections over.

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And with Konami looking to put the squeeze onto other markets, it looks like the venerable company is indeed done with traditional forms of gaming.

Last Updated: May 18, 2015

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