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Kung Fu High Impact–This looks terrible

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I’ve enjoyed a few Kinect titles so far, not very many to be honest but there have been some. And I am looking forward to Gunstringer and maybe Fruit Ninja but one title that has bounded directly onto my “Oh hell no” list is Kung Fu High Impact.

This game is apparently an interactive side scrolling fighting game where you play as, well you, you are scanned into the game and then head off (to the right) to fight wave upon wave of baddies.

Basically think of Double Dragon but with you having to do all the movements yourself and hoping that the Kinect can actually keep up and nearly replicate them.

Granted I could have this all wrong and Kung Fu High Impact could be the break out game for the Kinect that makes everyone the world over rush to the cupboards to dust it off and get fighting.

Or it’s going to be a horrible mess that makes me want to kick myself in the head to avoid having to finish the review… only time will tell but for now we can shake our heads at these screenshots.

ss_preview_9650screencap1.jpg ss_preview_9651screencap11.jpgss_preview_9652screencap14.jpg ss_preview_9653screencap3.jpgss_preview_9654screencap5.jpg

The good news is that Kung Fu High Impact is due for release this November so we don’t have to wait long before trying it.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: July 28, 2011

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