L.A. Noire Investigation and Interrogation video

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I’ve been interested in L.A. Noire ever since the first time I saw it but at the same time I have been quite vocal about how the game is only targeting a niche market and won’t be a mainstream success.

I’ve even had these conversations with the distributors themselves and while they obviously didn’t agree I just put it down to them wanting to put the best face on the game that they can.

But I have to admit I am changing my mind.

This latest trailer from Rockstar demonstrates the investigative and interrogation gameplay aspects and while I have seen the facial animations before I am once again blown away by them.

So much so that I feel this game may really hit the mass market CSI/NCIS watchers out there who would do anything to be the next Horatio or Gibbs of this world.

Last Updated: March 10, 2011

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