L.A Noire will be 25-30 hours long

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With the relatively high price of video games, it’s understandable that consumers would want to spend their coin on games with a certain amount of longevity, particularly games without a multiplayer component. Many gamers have moaned about Homefront’s 5 hour long campaign, and some have even complained about Dragon Age 2’s shorter play length.

I doubt there’ll be much complain about Rockstar and Team Bondi’s upcoming LA-Noire – because a single play through will take between 25 and 30 hours, without taking side-quests in to account.

According to a Rockstar rep at PAX East, the game will last up to 30 hours, discounting the game’s pre-order or post-launch DLC and “’unassigned cases,’ or side quests that give insight in to secondary characters.

L.A Noire is a narrative-focused, detective adventure game – and is notable for having just about the best facial mapping and animation seen in a videogame. It’s not just cosmetic; in fact, the facial animation is pivotal to game. When interrogating suspects, subtle facial nuances and mannerism might give clues as to whether or not they’re telling the truth. Everything I’ve seen of this game has impressed the heck out of me, and I’m tipping it as an early contender for Game of the Year.

L.A. Noire arrives for PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360® on May 17th 2011 in North America and May 20th 2011 in Europe and South Africa.

Source : Playstation Lifestyle

Last Updated: March 15, 2011

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