Lazygamer Cape Town meet this weekend: discuss shooters with shooters!

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Cape Town is a fascinating place. It’s filled to the brim with hipsters and has a mountain that is almost as flat as my introduction to this article! It’s also filled with many of our awesome readers, who we never get to see because we’re all based in Joburg – except for Darryn… he stays in PE, the place that will be used to film the reboot of Escape From New York. Anyways, do you ever feel like the Capetonians you chat to in the comments below are nothing more than online bots? Find out for yourself this weekend at the Lazygamer Cape Town meet!

That’s right, if you attend, you’ll get to troll each other in real life! Here’s all the stuff you’ll need to know for an afternoon that’ll be packed with tomfoolery and much debauchery.

When: 13 December (that’s this Saturday in case you don’t have a calendar lying around)
Where: Riverclub – Liesbeek Parkway, Obeservatory, Cape Town, 7925
Phone: 021 448 6117
Time: 13:00
What: a get together of the Cape Town Lazygamer community. Laughs and chuckles guaranteed! Food, drinks, and batteries sold separately.

I have evidence of the last meet. They were talking about shooting games and then… well, things got out of hand clearly!

I believe they were talking about Shooters... then things escalated O_O

In all seriousness though, we have such a rad community here. There is no excuse for not meeting up with your fellow readers and gamers! I’d gladly fly across, but I hear Cabbage Trafficking has been outlawed in the West.

Will you be attending? Be sure to snap lots of pictures and send them to us for science!

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Last Updated: December 9, 2014

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