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Lazygamer Hands-On Preview – Bionic Commando

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The idea of being a Commando, and simultaneously wielding a super-strong bionic arm is something that reeks of awesome, now isn’t it?

Bionic Commando, as many of you will know is a remake of the original 2D action-platformer of the same name, but blasts it’s way into the next generation of gaming in a flurry of 3D graphics and dreadlocked hair.

Just a short while ago, we did a Live Q&A of the game with our readers, where anyone could ask questions and have them answered by us as we were playing, so if you want to check that out before reading on, click here .

Take the jump to find out more about what this remake has to offer as well see some gameplay footage from the upcoming title.

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Bionic Commando takes place a few years after the original game, explaining that you were blamed for the mess that was made and put away as a result. It seems that they are now in dire need of your services once again and re-arm you (*cough) so that you can continue with that which you do best.

Bionic Commando is a third-person action game, with a camera that will be familiar to anyone who has played Crackdown or Fracture. Weapons vary from your more standard (although differently named) shotguns, sniper rifles and rocket launchers to the more important weapon, yourself.

Your bionic arm can be used for many different tasks, such as swinging, climbing, moving objects and hacking computers. The arm is also used directly in combat, allowing you to grab opponents and then use them as shields, launch into them or throw them at each other,

Outside areas are large, although more linear than you would initially expect and a lot of the gameplay feels very much like a spiderman. The swinging system is undoubtedly one of the greatest elements of the game, as it gives you enough freedom to swing where and how you want, using your pointer to aim at the next object that you want to swing to. Once you learn how to link your swings together, the feeling is quite gratifying and you learn to move around large areas as quite a speed.

The game is also shipping with multiplayer, and has team deatchmatch and capture the flag type modes, with you and your buddies swinging around high areas like a bunch of spider monkeys.

Bionic Commando releases on May 19 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Last Updated: April 15, 2009

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