UPDATED – Lazygamer SA Exclusive! – Get A Free DLC Map For Splinter Cell: Conviction

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[Update 3: No PC codes left… if you haven’t registered for a PC code yet you are out of luck, still a few Xbox 360 codes to go] [UPDATE 2: There are only 14 PC codes left and 52 Xbox 360 codes, after that they are gone forever] [UPDATE: Entries closed on the 1st of May but we have convinced Ubisoft to give us some extra codes to try and ensure that everyone who wants a code gets one. These are now limited and there is no guarantee you will get a code if you register now. I will turn off the registration when the codes are out but remember there is no guarantee anymore]

So how awesome is this? Ubisoft has given Lazygamer the South African exclusive super-power to give our readers a free DLC Map to play in Splinter Cell: Conviction on PC and Xbox 360!

Here’s the official text we received:

X360 and PC multiplayer 3rd Echelon map:

Register now and come back on May 13th for unique code to download the exclusive new Deniable Ops map: 3rd Echelon

Home of the most elite and lethal agents in the world, the 3rd Echelon Headquarters is now a walled battlefield for Archer and Kestrel. This new map can be played in all coop game modes within Deniable Ops. On May 13th, prepare to experience an entirely new environment to engage in a terrorist hunt.

I have already played most of the campaign in Splinter Cell: Conviction and I can tell you that it’s pretty great, so look out for my review tomorrow.

Now head through the jump and register for your free DLC Map!

Ok folks, here is all that you need to know.

The official cut-off date for the free DLC registration is May 13th, but in order to make sure that we get our codes generated and distributed on time we are going to be cutting the registrations off on MAY 1st.

All you need to do is fill in the form below and select your required platform (Xbox 360 or PC).

That’s all there is to it! So be sure to sign up for your free map as soon as possible, lest you forget and miss out on this opportunity.

[Comp Closed]

A very big thanks to Ubisoft. We are very excited to be able to give out these codes to all our peeps.

*Your codes will be emailed to you so it’s vital that you use a valid email address, you can however use whatever name you like.

Last Updated: April 15, 2010

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