What the heck is this? A video review? We don’t do video reviews, do we?

This week, Microsoft sent us one of the new (to South Africa) Xbox 360 Special Edition controllers to review and by dang it, review it we have. Not only that but we did it using this new moving picture technology.

Is the Special Edition with it’s new super-revolving d-pad of destruction worth your dough? Find out in the video review, after the jump.

Here’s the video review, uploaded in glorious HD.

If for some reason you can’t watch videos, here’s a step-by-step list of the review’s major points in a nutshell.

  • This is Lazygamer
  • I’m Nick
  • The controller is R599 bundled with a play and charge kit
  • Has new revolving d-pad that’s supposed to be better [close-up pic]
  • Thumbsticks now have ridges
  • Geoff is a poopoo head and I shoot him in the face with a sniper rifle
  • We used MvC 3 trailer footage that shows skills inferior to my own
  • We shock the audience with a crazy dramatisation of my l33t skillz
  • D-pad is good for accurate horizontal and vertical direction presses
  • So good in fact, that sometimes diagonal directions just ain’t happening
  • If you need a new controller, go get one of these
  • If you don’t, there’s definitely no rush.

We hope you don’t hate on us too much for any mistakes we’ve made, we’re new to this so be nice OK! We hope you enjoyed the review, we hope to do more videos in the future and we are looking forward to getting our butts kicked by the entire learning process.

Last Updated: March 1, 2011

Xbox 360 SE Controller

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