LBP Beta keys hit the black market

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I’m sure you’re tired of waiting for a Little Big Planet beta key giveaway that you are actually around to take advantage of, but spending upwards of $60 on eBay probably isn’t the brightest alternative. Still, that’s exactly what many gamers are resorting to. I’ve even read horror stories of people being suckered into paying shipping and handling for the email-delivered beta keys, shame on you bad internet people.

Paying that much for a beta version of a game that’s less than a month away is already sketchy enough, but it also turns out to be a total violation of eBay policy. Should one of these auctions slip by eBay’s code-of-conduct snipers, you may find yourself confronted with a tough, Bioware-esque choice: try your luck at bidding on the contraband, or report the offending seller to the internet police.

We trust you’ll make the right call.

Source – 1Up

Last Updated: September 30, 2008

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