League of Legends sets Gnar free for everyone

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Riot Games have been teasing their new champion for nearly a month now. The long lost relative to Teemo seems like an interesting new addition to the League of Legends roster. That’s probably because he changes from a cute little critter into a raging monster in no time at all.

Gnar play in two very different ways. Most of the time he acts as a ranged carry of sorts, with a few skill shots here and there. At this stage, he’s also pretty cute and cuddly. That all changes when Gnar’s roid rage kicks into gear, transforming him into a tanky, hulking beast. I still think he’s pretty cute though.

It seems like small Gnar is better suited for traditional laning, with abilities to harass your opponent while avoid return fire. Gnar also has a useful hop that can come in handy during ganks, either to escape or confirm kills. Mega Gnar, as Riot likes to call him, is all about the team fights. Soaking up damage and doing a lot more to groups of enemies is his specialty, making Gnar a rather versatile champion.

No doubt one that will probably be broken for the first few weeks of play, as is tradition with new champions in League of Legends. You can check out Gnar in action below.

Last Updated: August 15, 2014

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