Leaked Watch Dogs footage looks just fine on old-gen

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Watch Dogs Retro

I’m sure someone at Ubisoft has to be giggling about how their upcoming hacktivity game Watch Dogs has itself been hacked lately. Watch Dogs is out on a bunch of platforms next week, with the PC and new-gen versions looking great so far. But don’t count out the older gen just yet, because the game looks rather lovely on that aged hardware.

You saw the leaked PS4 gameplay, now check out Watch Dogs on Xbox 360. All Games Beta has the opening cinematic below:

And Youtuber Mugen Fantasy has quite a bit of gameplay from the Xbox 360 console as well. Somebody is going to be on the Ubisoft naughty list for breaking embargo. Be aware, this clip comes from a live stream of the game, so the quality might not be as evident:

Watch Dogs is pretty much the same game on any platform, old or new-gen. And graphics can only carry a game so far. But hell, at the same time, you want a game that redeems your decision to throw almost R7000 down on a new console, don’t you?

And let’s not forget that newer-gen games now cost some extra coin, because reasons. Still, I could easily field an Xbox 360 version of the game in order to get over my current phobia of slightly blurred textures and aliases which are anted up.

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Sometimes, it helps to be cheaper than slot machine odds. Watch Dogs is out next week, on a bunch of platforms depending on your requirements/ bank account balance.

Last Updated: May 22, 2014

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