Left 4 Dead – DLC 4 Free!

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I love Valve, I really do.

It needed to be said, because these guys just know how to make a gamer smile.

As you can already see from the title, the recently announced DLC for Left 4 Dead, called the Survival Pack is officially going to cost you absolutely nothing. The pack will be released for both PC and Xbox 360 and adds a new mode to the game as well as the ability to play versus on more of the campaign maps.

More information on the DLC, after the jump.

The Survivor Pack will now add Death Toll and Dead Air to the list of maps that you can play Versus mode on and also adds a new mode to the campaign, simply called Survivor mode.

What’s more, Valve have announced that a Critic’s Choice Version of the game will be hitting stores in not too long and will include the new content in the box. Something that is also very important to note for PC gamers out there, is that the first version of Valve’s SDK for L4D will be made available as well, meaning that custom campaign can now be created and easily found using the Left 4 Dead matchmaking system. And yes, it’s free as well.

If you are a PC gamer and you don’t already play Left 4 Dead online, then you need to really rethink your life. Xbox 360 games on the other hand are mostly aware that the connection to the L4D servers from South Africa to the US leaves us with a decent chunk of lag, although the game is still playable and even really enjoyable.

If they allow peer-to-peer connections over Xbox Live and the local lag issue fades away, I would probably never leave my tv room, like, ever.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: February 12, 2009

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