Let’s help get Leisure Suit Larry remade

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There have been a flood of Kickstarter requests for new games since Double Fine won the Kickstarter lottery with it’s $3 million funding and to be honest we stopped posting about them a while back as it just became boring.

BUT this one is different, this one is for an original Leisure Suit Larry remake, the game that shaped my childhood and formed the disturbing mind I now have to live in.

I feel I owe it to Larry to bring him back and let him relive his glory days, kind of like a midlife crisis for a videogame.

My only reservation is that they are asking for $500 000, that seems like a lot of money for what in essence was an incredibly simple game.

So far they’ve collected just over $66 000 so there is a long way to go but if you want the secret password to be “Lazygamer sent me” then please head on over and donate a mere $50 000 to a wonderful cause.

Or slightly less if you just want to help out, check out Al Lowe’s personal appeal here. It’s awesome

Last Updated: April 3, 2012

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