Let's not tap… Let's rather boycott companies with bad games

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I think this is getting a little out of hand now.

First we had Wii Fit which wasn’t really a game but I guess it’s a nice gimmick, then we saw the awesomely terrible Wii Music and I honestly thought that the Wii games couldn’t get any worse.

Now we get, Let’s Tap which is a new game from Nintendo where you need to put the Wiimote down and instead of pushing buttons or moving the Wiimote you actually just bash the box that the game came in.

I am not joking… watch the video and come back.

This is really just a step to far, this isn’t a real game and it sure as hell isn’t worth the R500 ($40) –> R700 ($60) these games go for.

If I believed it would make any difference at all I would encourage a full Nintendo boycott for actually approving this garbage… but it won’t so let’s not waste our time.

This is truly scraping the bottom of the gaming barrel but you know it’s going to sell like hot cakes and Nintendo are going to come back in a couple of months with a new game where you don’t even need to turn on the console… Wiimagination Gaming Deluxe

Last Updated: October 6, 2008

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