Let's take a look inside the PlayStation Move

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Playstation Move
We very kindly received our PlayStation Move for review a little while back and you can read Nick’s opinions on that right here but after we finished our review there was one extra thing we wanted to check.

So before the courier arrives to collect the Move we decided to take the hammer to it to see if we could figure out what makes it tick, we learnt two things.

1. It takes a lot of brains to make something like the PlayStation Move ‘tick’

2. We ain’t no engineers

Now before going any further we would like to strongly recommend that you don’t try this at home, unless you have the finances to buy another one since it’s far easier to take it apart than it is to put it back together.

First up lets’ take the Ping Pong ball off

Next up let’s crack that sucker open

Hmm looks more complicated than expected

I have no idea how to put this back together

er… Nick did it…

Okay I have to admit before SterKinekor kill us, we didn’t actually take apart our Move which is on loan but rather have just stolen the shots from iFixIt who have put together an awesome write up of everything they found inside the PlayStation Move. If the inner workings of these magical devices interests you then head on over and check out everything they found including the bizarre little fact that the PSMove has a built in heatsink to stop the LED’s from overheating.

[Thanks to Scot for the tip]

Last Updated: September 20, 2010

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