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Lewis Hamilton, Kovalainen and Sutil Play F1 2010 On Xbox Live

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Formula One drivers have it all, right? Youth, money, fame, women, yachts, sport scars and pretty much whatever the heck they want… but don’t let that fool you into thinking they don’t like the same things we like as well.

BBC recently ran a segment during the Formula One weekend at Monza with both Lewis Hamilton and his brother Nick playing some F1 2010 over Xbox Live together with a presenter from the BBC.

The video is fun, but what surprised me is that Hamilton mentioned that him and a couple of other real F1 drivers get together online and play F1 2010 against each other in their spare time.

When we see them on the TV we always think of fierce rivalries but we do tend to forget that a lot of these guys are friends outside of the workplace as well.

In this video you find out that his brother is quite the digital driver and actually competes in an online British GP league, although he hasn’t yet been able to achieve the same goals that his brother pulls off in real life.

Here’s the video:

Last Updated: September 15, 2011

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