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Liberty City vs New York City – Comparison

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After playing GTA IV for a while I can honestly say that Liberty City has completely blown me away.

I can truly say that I have never experienced anything quite like it when it comes to feeling like you are in a living breathing city within a video game. After a while, I started to wonder if anyone from America Land had put up any comparisons between Liberty City and the city that it has been painstakingly modeled after, New York.

After exercising my Google-Fu, I came across a youtube video that has a slideshow with comparison images. More importantly though, I found a video on Eurogamer that had a couple of their guys take some video of areas in New York and then compare them to footage in the game. The results are incredible, it seems that Rockstar really nailed it.

The link to the Eurogamer video and more after the jump.

What I really would like to see is a documentary that shows how much time, effort, money and manpower went into recreating Liberty City, I can’t even begin to imagine what a lengthy and careful process it must have been. My hat goes off to Rockstar for putting in so much effort. The only thing that springs to my mind is one simple question:

Where to next?

link to the video: Eurogamer

Last Updated: May 5, 2008

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