It’s life and death on Mars in this new trailer for The Technomancer

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Many, many moons ago, I laid eyes on a new game from Focus Interactive and developers Spiders. A game that went by the name of “The Technomancer”. Fancy title aside, it looked…alright. The gameplay itself was a solid combination of various disciplines and skills to pay the bills. Set on Mars, The Technomancer puts you in the boots of Zacharia. You’re one of the select few who can bend electricity to your will, which is sort of like Eskom except you’re not completely evil.

Anyway, Mars sucks man. Everyone wants to kill you, the surface is inhabited by stowaway wildlife from Australia that has hit the gym and resources are scarce. Earth has been incommunicado for many years now, and there’s some sort of secret that your cult of zap-happy buddies has been happy to keep away from prying Martian eyes. Anyway, here’s that new trailer that I promised you in the headline:

And a more official description, chock full of vitamin hyperbole:

Experience the distinctive, sci-fi world of Spiders’ epic RPG, The Technomancer. The game takes place on a dystopian Mars, hundreds of years after the first human colonies set foot on its red plains. Today’s trailer showcases a few of The Technomancer’s unique environments and dangers. Pursued by a corrupt police force, you must journey across these deadly environments and beyond, chasing a secret that could alter Mars and its inhabitants forever.

The Technomancer takes place after a cataclysmic event that decimated the population and isolated the red planet from Earth. The pioneering optimism of the early colonies has long since vanished. In its place lies no man’s lands, sprawling shanty towns, and broken cities governed by shadowy officials. The fractured settlements offer protection from the lethal radiations of the Sun, but they’re far from safe havens: desperate criminals and terrifying, mutated creatures lie in wait for the unprepared.

Look, it’s not bad-looking. It looks like a Martian version of the Witcher, which is now a film that I want Ridley Scott and Matt Damon to make. I will say that since I saw it last year, the overall design and aesthetic looks a helluva lot better and far more inspired. Currently scheduled for a US summer launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And a part of me hopes that I am completely and utterly wrong about this looking like an average action-adventure game.

Last Updated: February 24, 2016

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