Life is Strange is wonderfully time twisting

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I’ll be honest; I haven’t really paid much attention to Dontnod Entertainment’s new episodic adventure title, Life is Strange. It’s a massive departure from the studio’s previous work on Remember Me, cashing on the buzz surrounding adventure titles and their broken up nature. It didn’t really catch my eye – until I watched this latest trailer for the first episode.

Like most other adventure titles, Life is Strange will allow you to make decisions that affect the outcomes of several events, with the story branching in all sorts of directions. Unlike most other adventure games though, you’ll have the chance to bring those decisions to the foreground and actually play several of them out at any given time. That’s because Life is Strange features a rather interesting time rewind mechanic, which could impact your decision making in a big way,

I get a distinct Heavy Rain feeling from watching protagonist Max stroll through her daily life and somehow get tangled up in some unpleasant business. I’m interested to see how the game deals with the ability to essential reverse and change massive decisions, since having to live with bad ones is what makes modern adventure games so tense and gut wrenching. Maybe there’s a limit to how far you can rewind? Or a play on the theory that some events are just destined to happen, not matter how differently they are approached?

The game is going to be split up into five episodes, with the first launching on January 30th. Suffice to say, Life is Strange has my attention now, and I actually can’t wait to give it a go. Do you feel the same way?

Last Updated: December 18, 2014

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